Friday, 21 March 2014

From here, into the unknown!

As folks will no doubt be aware, in 2010 I made a few games called "Technobabylon". Well, the three that were made then were intended to be part of an eight-part episodic string of games. Unfortunately, I'm lazy, and I kept improving. As a result, I never got past making three episodes, and remade the first part several times over.

HOWEVER, thanks to my current working arrangement, I've been powering through the complete Technobabylon, a full-length game based upon the plans for the original series. As a result, it's going to be a long game!

Up until this stage, in the last month and a half of producing, I've effectively been remaking what was originally parts 1, 2 and 3 of Technobabylon. With a bit of rejigging here and there, some polish, and art support from Ben304 and Ilyich, they're looking a whole lot nicer. Even better, this evening I've finally finished off the remake of what was Part 3. The implication, therefore, is that everything being made after this is wholly new. You might have an idea of what happens in the first parts based on the old versions, they may even help you play through again if you've done them before (though there's a bit of alteration in terms of how the adventures play out), but from here on out everything's brand new!

Though, just to make things more complicated, what was part 2 has been split into 2 and 3, making the old 3 into 4, from which you see the screen above. The current plan is for the game to be made of 12 of these chapters, and we're getting through them at a rate of about one every two weeks. So, how long is it going to take? Well, you do the maths, dingus. What am I, a mathemologist?

Bear in mind, that's just the programmy stuff. After that there's cleaning up, testing, voices, testing, proofreading, quality control and testing, but be encouraged - this game's being made, and everything!

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated as to how far along the whole project is, don't you fret. Which reminds me, I'd better amend the's a weeee smidge out of date these days.


  1. That's cool to hear. I really enjoyed these games many years ago, glad to hear news about more!

  2. I have been earnestly waiting for Technobabylon Part IV, and the best news is that there are now 8 parts to be published by Wadjet Eye Games? Marvellous! Looking forward to this!