Monday, 22 September 2014

CHISHIKI NEWS: 10/07/2087 - European Federation to Adopt Metric Time


10 - July - 2087

Continuing a long-standing process of standardisation, the Parliament of the European Federation (EF) has today ratified the uptake of metric time across the 64-member union. The measure, signed into law by EF Prime Minister Jacqueline Santini at 06:52:80 (15:40pm), is planned to be rolled out over the course of the next four years. Under the scheme, measure of the time of day is to be divided into ten hours, each with 100 minutes, made up of 100 seconds.

Santini, whose Federalist Party have been one of the keenest supporters of the new policy, greeted the change enthusiastically. 'Computing and commercial time measurement has long been carried out in a metric scale with atomic timing, and the division into 24 hours has itself merely been an arbitrary convention of history.'

While commonly referred to as 'metric' time, the measurement of a day into periods of ten should more accurately known as 'decimal' time. Internationally the EF's policy has gained little traction, in some cases outright criticism, with some leaders condemning the changes as 'unnatural'. The Oceania Cooperative's government was less emotive, issuing a statement that though the change was 'one demanded by the European voter, which we will respect as a democratic institution', they made clear that the OC has no plans to adopt any similar measures.

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