Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Perfidious Petrol Station...

Ladies and gentlementlementlemen, ready to go, it's:

Blimey, finally sorted. I've been soliciting press attention all morning, and putting it up on AGS. I dread to look at the reviews that come out, but that's probably just me being paranoid (hint: I'm always paranoid).

Previous buyers of the game as part of the Summerbatch will be receiving a discount code from Mods (Screen7) at some stage, and anyone else who feels possessed to buy it because my voodoo magic is working can acquire it through here at FireFlower games, along with a host of other independent games.

My most gracious thanks to anyone buying it (you're awesome, handsome and delicious), and remember: you're helping to fund a continuing cycle of games production!


  1. I get the idol using the dirty cat, but I don't have it in my inventory. Is that ok?

  2. BUG

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